Want to send me letters or goodies?

Here is my mailing address for my two years of service:

Taylor Harveycutter, PCV

PO 47


Northern Province


Peace Corps recommends that packages be sent in padded envelopes if possible, as boxes tend to be taxed more frequently. Also the most reliable way to send a package is with USPS Flat Rate International (also the prices are the best)

Wish List (If you feel so inclined to send me a package!)

Beef Jerky (The Walmart brand is cheap and really really good)

Tuna Packets (not the cans)- low fat and good for protein. I love love love tuna!

Anti Bacterial bar soaps/ Baby Wipes/ Hand Wipes

Hot Sauce!

Seasoning Packets (like to make soups, casseroles, tacos, dressings etc)

Crayons/ Colored Pencils for school

Drink Mix ins for water (ALWAYS A GOOD THING TO SEND)

Candy! (I have heard Peanut/ pretzel M and M’s do well in the mail, starbursts, jolly ranchers, gum etc. If you send something, even if I don’t like it, you will make some PCV very happy)

Pictures of you!


Scented Candles/ Incense

Clorox Wipes/ Cleaning wipes

Trail Mix/ Dried Fruit/ Cliff Bars/ Granola Bars

Sun-dried Tomatoes


One thought on “Want to send me letters or goodies?

  1. Hi Taylor. I have enjoyed reading your blog and am extremely proud of you. In going with a medical group to Honduras once a year, I have really learned to appreciate a family-oriented culture where no one can afford anything but the essential things. And learning that in those essential things is where happiness really lives. Except for the occasional cold beer, which actually may be an essential. Well, maybe not always cold, maybe made by your neighbor and chilled in a tub of water. Anyway, I will think of you often and send good wishes bounced off whatever celestial objects God provides.

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