About Me

Me with my two sisters, Christmas 2011
I am on the left, Amelia and Hilary

Hi! My name is Taylor and the things I am good at include:  dancing weirdly, hugs, random trivia, and reading while on all forms of transportation. Beyond these extremely useful skills I am a Class of 2011 graduate of the College of William and Mary. I majored in History and Religious Studies, ensuring a lucrative job post-grad if first century Biblical analysts are the 1% (hint:they are not). So I decided to do a year of service with Americorps in Washington DC, where I currently live. In September I leave for Rwanda to begin Peace Corps training and I couldn’t be more excited! While I am not what you would call “outdoorsy”, I am willing to try anything at least once! Follow me on this adventure as I attempt to learn how to bucket bathe, learn to speak Kinyarwanda, and use a pit latrine.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Who woulda guessed that lil’ toddler I loved, with the grime in the folds of her neck, the pacifier remnants crusted on her mouth, that quiet pout lipped girl could possibly change the world in her small corner of life? Following you in your journey. Proud to call you part of my life. xoxoxkacey

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