Home again!

Since my job in DC ended at the end of July, I have attempted to keep myself busy after moving back home. Salem, VA is not quite known for having great night life, or really known at all. So what does is a 23 year old, type A person do for six weeks while waiting to join the Peace Corps?

1. I have watched more Olympics coverage than I care to own up to. Bob Costas and I have a wonderful relationship now…

2. I have mostly finished all my shopping for Rwanda. Procrastinator, who me? If only college Taylor had had this sort of determination!

3. I have gone to the gym more times in the past two weeks than in the past year. Granted last year’s total was twice, but still.

4. Love on these two as much as possible:


But really my days have been filled with Doctor’s and Dentist’s and Optometrist appointments while attempting to watch as much Netflix as I physically can. All from the extreme comfort of home, where I/ my parents can afford fresh fruits and vegetables and as much Diet Dr. Pepper as I can drink.

I am super excited for the trips I have planned for the next month. This weekend kicks off Cryfest 2012 aka the first of my going away parties up in DC. Then in late August I am headed up to Boston with my parents to go to a Red Sox game and visit with family. I then fly from Boston to NY to see some not-so-biological family, but family just the same. After that comes a long beach weekend and the final goodbyes for all my non-Salem friends. Concluding it all with my home going away party, then I am off to Kigali via Atlanta for staging! I am hoping for and dreading that this last month will fly by but for now I am just soaking it all in. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Home again!

  1. Dude, live it up. Eat all the foods you will miss. Drink all the drinks you will miss. Fatten up. See people. Spend too much money on lunch dates. Take scalding hot showers and sleep under covers in air conditioning. You got this.

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