I am in love

So it is official. I am in love. Completely, 100%, head over heels in love. With my Kindle.

Isn’t it beautiful?

I was always vocal about my love of books. There is something about holding a book in your hand and the new or old book smell that it has, that I thought could never be replaced by these modern e-books. Ohh boy, was I wrong! Necessity dictated that I could not pack my suitcase full of books to bring to Rwanda with me (apparently I need to also bring clothes), so I succumbed and got a Kindle. I was not expecting to fall so drastically in love with it. So now comes the fun task of filling it up, send me your favorite book ideas, recent or classic, fiction or non so when I have all that down time in Rwanda, I can fill it by reading some of your favorites!

A HUGE thanks goes to my Father who bought this lovely piece of technology for me!


3 thoughts on “I am in love

  1. I Love my Kindle, too!!
    Assault on Reason by Al Gore
    Any book written by Rob Bell
    I read the Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle
    Tennessee Rain by Emylee bishop sturk

    I’ve also downloaded a couple of books through Audible.com and have enjoyed listening!

  2. Oh, Tay-tay… never lose the love of the paper and ink…. Some really cool books for you to download and take with you: “Lifeboat”, “The Garden of the Beast” and “Caleb’s Crossing”. All 3 are historical fiction and are very good.

  3. Read Pillars of the Earth (a book so long that I bought a kindle to read it, it was too heavy to lug around, and too good to put down!) and the follow-up book Where the World Ends.

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