Carpe Diem or “Can’t say no”

The Beautiful thing about having so much time between receiving my invitation and staging is just that, I have so much time. Time to over-think things, time to be with people I love, time to read as many Peace Corps blogs as my brain can digest. 

I recently made a life decision, not a huge one, but one that has had a great impact on me. I am going to take this time that I have been given and make the most of it. Everyday. I have decided to stop saying no. I’m not saying no to invitations, dinners, events or new friends. 


Look how delicious! I was about to say no to this???


I had a bad habit in the past of over thinking decisions. Saying no to gatherings because I had to work in the morning, or I had a cold, or I really wanted to watch season 2 of Downton Abbey. So in my attempt to seize every moment I have left in the US, I have thrown my over thinking ways out the window. 

Things that have happened once I took this on:

1. I have made new friends. 

2. I have spent more money.

3. I am more tired.

4. I am eating better due to more dinners out.

5. I am happier. I didn’t know I could be much happier than I already was, but it seems as if my happiness has new limits. And this, and this alone, has made the sleepy and hungover and broke mornings worth every penny.


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